How It’s Made


Form. Function. Nature's Beauty.

Hickory Furniture is at home in commercial or residential environments. Each piece is engineered to showcase nature's beauty and survive high traffic environments like restaurants, lodges, and state parks. The Hickory Furniture team has honed its craft through generations of continuous improvement. The results are seen in every piece of furniture we proudly send to you.


Worth the wait

To maintain the highest quality standards, Hickory Furniture sources from an extremely select group of partners in only 2 states. To protect the consistency of the design and longevity of the furniture pieces, our wood is only harvested in the winter. Logs used in the manufacturing of our furniture can take up to two years to be ready for production. Why do we do it this way? Because it's the right way.


boiling. pressing. bending.

Skilled craftsmen prep the logs to meet design and engineering specifications through unique processes that have been fine-tuned for decades. After nearly two years of waiting, the wood is ready to be tested, boiled, steamed, bent, and molded. Each log is prepped in a way that minimizes waste and enhances strength and durability of the finished piece of furniture. Preparing parts for assembly is challenging due to hickory's strength and hardness, but the result is unique, one-of-a-kind hickory furniture that you can treasure for a lifetime.


Surprisingly hands on

Each log has characteristics that necessitate special care during assembly. Parts are cut and fitted by hand to achieve tight tolerances. Each joint gets special care from a highly skilled craftsman. Our assembly method was designed to guarantee strength and longevity. Details like custom fitted braces are special touches you will only find with Hickory Furniture.


details make the difference

It's the fine details that separate good quality from exceptional quality. After taking such special care during the furniture building process, you should expect nothing less as the Hickory Furniture team prepares your special piece for delivery. The stains and finishes that are offered are carefully selected to enhance the beauty of the furniture and protect it for years. Designers are consulted to provide guidance on design trends. Fabrics and leathers are chosen to enhance the natural beauty of each furniture design. When it meets the exacting standards of our quality control team, only then is it sent to our valued customers worldwide.

Let Us Build You Something Extraordinary

with natural hickory